The Grass is Always Greener

“The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side” by Brian Ingmanson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here’s another sample from You Don’t Know Jack!, which you can buy here.

“How did she manage to get that great job? I never rated her that highly.”

“I can’t believe they chose him for that part ahead of me. What does he have that I don’t?”

It’s very hard not to let the green-eyed monster escape every so often. We JOATs feel this very keenly. We can do lots of things pretty well, but often it seems our best in one thing is not good enough to nail the big one. It seems that somewhere the grass is always greener.

But do you know what? These guys that we look up to, admire, envy? They have their problems too. They see greener grass in someone else’s garden too. The rich will always want to get richer, comparing themselves to others on the rich list. The powerful want to get more powerful, and plot to increase their power base and influence at the expense of others trying to do the same to them. The famous want to become more famous, addicted to the narcotic forces of publicity.

The grass always seems greener, but that’s almost never the case. When we move from one job to the next, one company to the next, one challenge to the next, we simply inherit a different set of challenges, and a different set of easier things and harder things.

We JOATs recognise this and we embrace it, because if there’s one thing that should make us happy, it’s different stuff.

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