You Don't Know Jack!

A new book from
Paul Dilger

for the 99% of us who are generalists

“Entertaining, enriching, stimulating, stunningly original.”

– Garry Holland, author


This is not a manifesto for the monomaniac...

Ever wondered why the phrase ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’ is always used as a negative and never a positive? It’s as if being pretty good at a good few things is some kind of burden! It applies to a staggering 99% of us, yet almost nothing is written on this overwhelmingly large part of the human race that will probably never be a leader in its field.

You Don’t Know Jack! is the first book to explain the vital role the Jack of All Trades, or JOAT for short, fulfils in society. It tells us why it’s OK not to get into the 1% and how our thirst for variety and ability to adapt give us the perfect platform for us to live richly, generously and happily. This is the first book of Paul Dilger, a dyed-in-the-wool JOAT who threads his own experiences through this thoughtful and original publication.

Jack, Jackie, Jacquie

For every  Jack of All Trades, there is of course a Jackie and a Jacquie too. Paul has coined the word ‘JOAT’ for short, and when he writes the J he’s thinking about both genders as well as about those that don’t identify.